Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Art Encounter Now

So this place will be a space where i talk about my experiences with art and everyday encounters with different Mediums of Art. This is a place where i can be free to discuss my art the art of friends and the artworks that i come in contact with..... For instance one of my jobs is a barista... so when im not in class 40 hours out of the week im making lattes and cappacuuinos. Well to kill time at work i try to make it intersting by avoiding looking at the clock and looking up useless information about coffee and what im dealing with on the job.... One of the coffees that is sold at my place of employment is CoffeeLabs its a locally owned bussiness thats loacted in Tarrytown... one day i was at work and decided that i should look up their website and was introduced for the first time to LATTE Art... something that i had no bloody clue about before... making art with steamed milk and esspresso is actually (if done by the right person) badass.

The Latte Artist that i discovered is Mike Love the owner of COffee LAbs... well posted on the website are examples of the different types of Latte Art and thought it was pretty sweet... so now when im at work and im making a Latte i will make designs with the milk .... I even found out that theres annual Latte Art compations

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