Friday, April 22, 2011

retiro park

Sooo at Retiro Park there , exists the only depiction of the devil that is actually a public art work, it presents the devil when he has first fallen from heaven down to earth and i guess is going down to hell, i dont know the stroy that well, but what i do know is that the work is awsome and i think anyone who visits Spain should make a trip down to the park to see it, im having SOME TECH DIFF. SO I WILL POST A PHOTO WHEN I THE WEBSITE LETS ME...ADIOS

Kristen Ferrell

her art work shows duality , the images that exist amongst each other are not often seen and it speakes to experiences and personal issues that the artist has gone through, i think that i can most identify with this type of work, becuase it

Thursday, April 21, 2011

F.Y.I******* this is abc no rio, couldnt get the picture to upload last time i posted... so without further delay ...

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< thats it (before it changed,again)


abc was a former squat and is one of the 12 that was purchased from NYC in the 80's when the whole struggle for squatter rights was going on , much before the lower east side was a place that people wanted to live and invest in, but any who. its an art center and a place where artists can create and come together and commence a discourse, hopefully it kinda retains that a lil bit...

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

This is a video that i took of a band in spain. There was a show in a squat where socially minded people decided to come together and play punk music. There were cd's, shirts and zines that they sold and it gave it a D.I.Y feel, it was refreshing to go to this type os show considering that the energy and the dynamic is rare to come by. The bassist was from San Fran, was hit by a car and got 4,000 out of the deal, she decided to travel to spain with the money, and she never has gone back to the United States, that was seven years ago, i thought that was awesome, to just pick up and go with your feelings at any given moment.. i think thats how life should be lived...

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

5Pointz is in Queens off of the 7 train and is close by P.S 1, its a factory building that has the artwork of various graffti artists

I went to my old Neighborhood in Brooklyn and was walking around went to fort green park where i use to hang out with my dog, some of the same graffti were still there and it made me think of graffti as an art form and as an extension of the artist, i found this particular statment to be intersting ---check it out-- this is in amsterdam